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May 14, 2020

Click Here for Paycheck Protection Program FAQs for Small Businesses 

March 27, 2020 - Roy Cooper's Executive Order 121

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On this Friday afternoon, we received the statewide Executive Order 121 from Roy Cooper.  I am pleased to let you know that in Section 2 #25 land surveying is specifically named as an essential business.  Please use this freedom with all caution for your safety and the safety of those you care about. However, you can rest a little easier this weekend. 

Thanks to McGuireWoods Consulting and Kerri Burke for her specific help with this matter.  I also would like to remind everyone that representing you during times like this is why your membership dollars are so important.  Have a great weekend away from people!

Christy Davis
Executive Director

March 26, 2020

NC Surveyors, NCSS continues to work hard to represent surveyors as we navigate the stay-at-home orders. We recommend you read the individual county orders carefully to determine whether or not your projects fall within the exemptions. We are hoping to influence the decisions on a state-wide level should the order come from Governor Roy Cooper. We will notify all surveyors via email as soon as we hear and will have an update on our homepage at In the meantime, we are keeping this resources page up to date with any new information we receive. 

March 25, 2020 - To Our Valued Surveyors

Things seem to be changing daily and NCSS desires to communicate how we are addressing the issues arising from the limitations caused by the Pandemic.  First, let me say that our Board of Directors primarily hopes you and your family are healthy.  We received word yesterday of the first PLS and faithful member who has tested positive for COVID 19.  The surveyor is doing well and recuperating at home. Therefore, do not think that you cannot catch this virus because you work predominantly outside. Stay safe, by social distancing and obeying the recommendations and orders that our authorities are enacting.

Following the Stay-at-Home order yesterday for Mecklenburg County and the following order last night for the City of Durham, I have received multiple emails asking our advice whether surveying is included in the exemptions or not.  Our Executive Committee and President James Jeffreys would like to provide the following response:

Please read these orders carefully, especially the definitions of essential services, to determine if the purpose of the work you are doing falls under an exemption. Activities not covered by the exemptions for critical services should be postponed until the governing orders are lifted or otherwise removed. 

Unfortunately, we are hearing rumors that a statewide Stay-at-Home order may be on the horizon for NC citizens either today or tomorrow. We are acting through every possible avenue, with the help of McGuireWoods Consulting, to encourage surveyors’ inclusion as part of the exempted professions.  Our primary reason is because of the nature of your work, which is typically outside and away from others.  Our secondary reason is because of the direct effect you have upon important infrastructure projects. We will keep you updated as we get information on our request. Until that time we encourage you to follow all recommendations issued to date.

Stronger together,
Christy Davis
Executive Director, NCSS

March 23, 2020 - Letter to Governor Cooper

In these unprecedented times, NCSS is working to support surveyors and small businesses across North Carolina.  On March 23rd, the Executive Committee of NCSS sent Governor Roy Cooper a letter on behalf of surveyors asking that surveyors be exempt should the order to "shelter in place" take effect in NC as it has in other states.  You can find the letter here for your review.

If Governor Cooper allows this, please use the exemption in the spirit for which it was intended. Take precautions, keep your distance and work outside as much as possible as we reasoned in the letter. We will keep everyone updated on the progress as soon as we hear. 

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Latest Legislative Updates: 

Condominium Working Group

A group of stakeholders are working on legislation to improve the General Statutes governing condominiums. This includes regulations regarding condominium platting.  Notes from the most recent meeting in September 2019 can be found here.  If you have comments, please contact Christy Davis.

2019 Legislative Session

NCSS is very pleased to inform North Carolina licensed surveyors that on July 15, at 7:32 pm, the 4th version of Senate Bill 332 passed the North Carolina Senate with a unanimous vote. Governor Roy Cooper signed the bill into law on July 26, 2019. The process was a long journey lasting more than a year. 

In summary, surveyors are now held liable three years from the time of discovery of physical or monetary damages, but no longer than seven years total from the time an action occurred.  This new legislation consolidates the statute of repose and limitations into General Statute (GS) 1-52.(18) and completely removes sections 1-47. (6)a, b, and c. The two statute references had previously confused court cases.

Thanks to all who have made this possible. First and foremost, Senator Warren Daniel from Burke County who sponsored the original bill in the Senate and Representative Dean Arp from Union County who sponsored the House version. Thanks to Kerri Burke and Dixon Snukals with McGuireWoods Consulting who provided effective lobbying and legal counsel during the complicated process.  Thanks to Steve Yuhasz, Legislative Chairman who supervised the process and answered so many of my questions at a moment’s notice. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Eastern Chapter of NCSS to our general fund, allowing us to hire legal counsel. Finally, thanks to our Board of Directors and members whose faithful financial support made this possible for ALL surveyors in North Carolina.  Your membership matters. Your PAC Raffle ticket matters. Your leadership and guidance matters to all licensees. Congratulations North Carolina surveyors!  

Christy C. Davis
NCSS, Executive Director

House Bill 871, otherwise known as the Fair Contracting bill, was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper on Monday, July 8, 2019.  This was a bill presented by Rep. Dean Arp and supported by a coalition of industry stakeholders including surveyors.  It now limits contracts from requiring you to defend owners unless you are found negligent.  It is a huge win for companies that have to turn down contracts because their liability insurance doesn't support costs except for their own negligence.  Your membership in NCSS played a vital role in this benefit to you!

Letter of Opposition to Virginia's RFP for Unmanned Aerial Systems Projects
The NCSS Board of Directors has written to the Virginia Government Procurement Dept. to support Virginia in their opposition to a recent RFP which encourages unlicensed surveyors to bid on jobs with their UAS.  It also does not take into account The Brooks Act or other states' Mini-Brooks Acts. Click here to read letter.

To contribute to our Political Action Committee (PAC), please mail your personal check to NCSS, PO Box 2101, Wake Forest, NC 27587.


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